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Total: Tales of Symphonia - x25
Zelos/Kratos - x15
Collet/Presea - x4
Shihna/Collet - x2
Raine/Collet - x1
Raine/Shihna - x1
Shihna/Collet/Presea - x1
Misc - x1

You see them every once in a blue or pink moon...Collapse )

~Textures by freshmakers
~Original art by diverse JPN fanartists
~ This is my first attempt at making icons. Feedbacks $ comments are loved; credits are appreciated ♥


Title: Never Apologize for What You Meant to Do
Fandom: ToS
Character: Kratos, Zelos
Time: Pre-game. Zelos could be anywhere near 14~18 years old.
Spoilers: -Points at timeline- so none? Oh wait, Kratos kinda mentions his lifespan, so that.
Genre: General, Fluff, Romance if you squint hard?
Length: Around 3.2k. I have this useless(?) talent(???) of writing 3k+ in a setting where two people only talk to each other and nothing else happens, :|
Summary: Zelos got injured in a training session. Kratos is partially responsible. Awkward hospital visit ensues.
Additional Notes: Started this a while ago and got it done. I still like it, but something tells me I'll stop liking it in a bit. :< Theme yoinked from 50_lovequotes; it was originally known as "14. Never say sorry for what you meant to do."

The bedridden Chosen did not bother to turn and look around when the door creaked open behind himCollapse )

His Priorities || Guy & Asch

Title: His Priorities
Fandom: TotA
Character: Little Luke(young Asch), young Guy
Time: Pre-game
Spoilers: Hod War, Guy's true motive at first.
Genre: General
Length: Done? 2.7k or so.
Additional Notes: For talesofexchange. Yeah, decided to cut it short.

He watched the boy who would be kingCollapse )


A Useless Realization || Zelos & Kratos

Title: A Useless Realization
Fandom: ToS
Characters: Zelos and Kratos.
Time: Pre-game. Zelos would be 17 or so.
Spoilers: Kinda. mostly to Zelos' title.
Genre: General, Drama, maybe Angst.
Length: ~850 words. Drabble.
Summary: The Chosen of Tethe'Alla puts two and two together and confronts his mentor about it.
Additional Notes: A spur-of-the-moment ficlet. Under the premise of sensei!Kratos and student!Zelos. Took some liberties in imagining how the Journey of Regeneration should be carried out. They're on good terms; Zelos respects and, to some extend, trusts his tutor.

It was forbidden and useless to talk about thisCollapse )

Tribute || Kratos

Title: Tribute
Fandom: ToS
Character: Kratos.
Time: In-game. Before the duel in Treant, after...
Spoilers: Zelos' alternate ending.
Genre: Tragedy.
Length: Roughly 2k words.
Summary: Kratos pays his final respects at the base of the Tower of Salvation.
Additional Notes: Probably the one thing I wrote that I'm still quite satisfied with.

The grave was nothing specialCollapse )

Bargain || Zelos & Kratos

Title: Bargain
Fandom: ToS
Characters: Zelos. Kratos. Yggdrasill
Time: In-game.
Genre: Humor, oneshot.
Length: Roughly 3k words.
Summary: Kratos and Zelos are playing cards on Derris Kharlan. Mithos watches, entertained like he has never been in the past few millenia.
Additional Notes: Originally written for the "Tales of" kink meme. Pretty much made of pure crack, only if the reaction wasn't what I'd label as 'canon'. Also tweaked up from its original version.

Overconfidence leads to carelessnessCollapse )

Nice to Meet You || Zelos & Kratos

Title: Nice to Meet You
Fandom: ToS
Characters: Mainly Zelos. Kratos, Yggdrasill
Time: Various. Pre-game on Derris-Karlan, and then jumps to end-game. Zelos is in his twenties.
Spoilers: Zelos' alternate ending.
Genre: General, oneshot
Length: Roughly 2k words.
Summary: Lord Yggdrasil thought that it would be good to introduce his human lackeys to each other, and hence Zelos and Kratos meet for the first time on Derris Kharlan.
Additional Notes: Story-wise, Yggdrasill knows about Lloyd and that he might be the cause for his demise in the future. He is not pressed to find him, for he is unsure of the boy's location and he is currently harmless anyway. Also almost a total re-write of my first fic concerning the redhead pair, complete with a different ending. Originally done in 2006.

Zelos disliked him at first glanceCollapse )